Connect to the swarm!

Introducing swArmwear, swarm-powered armsleeves for emergency pathfinding and peronal flair.

Emergency service pathfinding

swArmwear monitors personal data such as heartrate, pulse and body temperature. In case of a medical emergency, our wearable sends out a signal to emergency services and nearby nodes in the proximity.

In case of a larger disaster, such as a terrorist attack, nearby nodes can employ environmental data by detecting a sudden disruption to the swarm itself.

Emergency services can monitor these signals and when in the vincinity activate a pathfinder protocol (SoftWare Assisted Response Management) to quickly find where exactly they need to be, in even the largest of crowds.

Open platform

swArmwear an open API for crowd activities and expressing personal flair. Example applications:

  • Show support for your favourite team colours during sporting events
  • Designate roles in workspaces
  • Indicate results and rank/status in games, such as a pubquiz or "living Stratego".
  • Massive crowd lightshows during concerts and festivals

swArmwear is designed to be as neutral as possible: it blends in with your existing style and clothing.

Internet of Things Rotterdam 2017

You can reach our project group at or @swArmwear on Twitter.